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The mark of distinction of a great school is one that allows itself to evolve over time in order to inspire and ensure students and teachers have the tools and motivation to learn for a lifetime. Baltimore Lab School (BLS) is a great school because our teachers thirst for innovative ways to make our approaches with our students exciting, engaging, relevant, and responsive. In fact, our teachers and staff are proudly committed to a yearlong professional development plan that ignites their own ideas, fosters their own collaboration between grade levels and content areas, and fleshes out the inner-artist in all of us.

Baltimore Lab School inspires learning through the arts. The arts have served as a universal language since the first humans walked the Earth. Gestures, movements, dances, rhythms, paintings, music, and cultural masks all carry deeper symbolic meanings that often have no verbal equivalents. BLS teachers harness the power of the arts to engage students because the arts provide activity-based education that employs all learning modalities. The arts also support deeper understanding of core academic content in math, science, social studies, and English. Because the arts lend themselves to the imaginative use of concrete materials and experiences, abstract ideas become attainable. The arts offer opportunities to strengthen visual, auditory, tactile, and motor skills. BLS students thrive through a rich immersion of the arts every day, in all three divisions.

Horace Mann, a famous nineteenth century American politician and educational reformer, once said, “A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron.” BLS inspires its students and teachers to learn everyday. The rhythmic hammering in BLS is the synergy created by a cohesive arts-based approach to academic learning, enhanced language development, integrated occupational therapy, and social-emotional development, where the whole student learns that the interpersonal is just as important as the intrapersonal. Our students learn how to value themselves, gain confidence, and make friends. It is through the arts that students are able to use their words more effectively, make sense of what they know, relate past experiences to the present, and turn muscular activity into thought and ideas into action.

BLS is a place that honors its students and gives them the tools they need to be lifelong learners. What makes Baltimore Lab School extraordinary? It is simple. It is all of us (parents, teachers, staff, and students) focused on one thing: our deserving, smart, and compassionate students.
    • Steve Buettner, Head of School

      Steve Buettner, Head of School


Founded by visionary educator Sally L. Smith in 2000, Baltimore Lab School educates bright, motivated children in Grades 1-12 with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and more. Through our innovative, arts-based curriculum, our students go on to succeed in college and careers.