Middle School

In Middle School, the number of opportunities to apply classroom learning to real world situation expands. Regular field trips, outdoor adventures, and off-campus community service projects help students make valuable academic and social connections beyond the Baltimore Lab School campus.

Middle School, Grades 6-8

Our Middle School program emphasizes organization and transition, preparing young learners for the faster pace and more demanding academics that await them in High School. Executive functioning becomes an even greater priority as Middle School students assume more structure in their daily routine and more responsibility for their course work.

  • 6th through 8th Grade
  • Small class sizes, 6:1 average student/teacher ratio
  • Google Chromebooks for every student
  • Emphasizes executive functioning, responsibility and structure
  • Targets students’ abilities and needs with differentiated instruction
  • Encourages independent use of learning strategies and self-advocacy
  • Prepares students for High School
  • Provides rigorous multisensory, arts-based curriculum
  • Offers engaging after school activities
  • Fosters healthy competition and teamwork through interscholastic athletics
Middle School students study English, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. They can also choose from a wide array of electives – art, sculpture, drawing and painting, school drama, set design, photography, physical education, creative writing, newspaper, audio-visual production, vocal music, year book, and architectural design – to round out their academics. Written language is strongly emphasized; you’ll find it woven throughout our Middle School curriculum. Our daily Language Arts classes encourages students to explore all forms of written expression. Middle School mathematics concentrates on abstract reasoning as well as computation skills. And, in true “Lab tradition,” the full spectrum of arts is used to help students access challenging new material. Technology plays an important role in the Middle School as well with SMARTBoards, Google Chromebooks, Kindles, Quickpads, computers, and software programs effectively enhancing the classroom experience.

Meet Our Middle School Team

List of 12 members.

  • John Morgal 

    Head of Middle School & Director of Student Services
    Towson University - B.S.
  • Joel Banotai 

    Middle School English & Math Teacher
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania - B.S.
    Johns Hopkins University - M.S.
  • Brenna Blount 

    Middle School Academic Enrichment Teacher
    Notre Dame of Maryland University - B.A.
    Notre Dame of Maryland University - M.A.
  • Margaret  Fabian 

    Middle School English Teacher
    Towson University - B.A.
    University of Maryland - Baltimore County - M.A.T.
  • Ruth Goodlaxson 

    Middle School Math Teacher
    Bryn Mawr College - B.A.
  • Audrey Hildebrand 

    Middle School Math & Science Teacher
    Binghamton University - B.S.
    Mercy College - M.S.
  • Kara Huggins 

    Middle School Science Teacher
    University of Maryland, College Park - B.A.
    Johns Hopkins University - M.Ed.
  • March  Klein 

    Middle School Fitness Teacher
    University of Richmond - B.A.
  • Weston Kulvete 

    Middle School English & Science Teacher
    Goucher College - B.A.
  • Donna Natterman 

    Middle School Assistant
    Towson University - B.S.
  • Melissa Ward 

    Social Studies & Language Arts Teacher
    New York University - B.S.
    American University - M.A.
  • Darlene White 

    Middle School English Teacher
    Stevenson University - B.S.Ed.
    Notre Dame of Maryland University - M.A.
    Notre Dame of Maryland University - Certificate
Founded by visionary educator Sally L. Smith in 2000, Baltimore Lab School educates bright, motivated children in Grades 1-12 with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and more. Through our innovative, arts-based curriculum, our students go on to succeed in college and careers.