Payments for tuition charges are made through the school's online payment processing portal. Baltimore Lab School offers several options to pay for tuition: 
  • One payment in full, less a 1% discount, made
    • Directly to Baltimore Lab School, or
  • Periodic payments through a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan:
    • Three equal payments payable in May, August and November 2017, or
    • Twelve equal payments commencing April 2017.
The non-refundable enrollment fee of $2,000 is due to the school, payable by check, with the enrollment contract.

Students with overdue balances may not commence classes in the Fall, or return to class after the Winter or Spring breaks.

Payment Options for Services and Other Fees

Payments for related services, tutoring, after school, transportation, sports and ancillary charges are made through the School’s online payment processing portal.
By the 5th of each month the financially responsible party will be emailed a notification that a new invoice has been posted on the online payment processing portal for all services provided to the student in the prior month. The financially responsible party may access the invoice on the portal utilizing the username and password provided in the enrollment process.
Once you have reviewed the invoice, you may pay immediately or schedule payment for the due date. Alternatively, you may instruct the payment processing system to always pay the balance automatically on the due date. You may review past invoices at any time.
Students with overdue balances are not eligible to continue to receive services.

Enrolling in Baltimore Lab School's Online Payment Processing Portal

Baltimore Lab School has engaged FACTS/Nelnet Business Solutions to invoice and collect all payments online for tuition, clinical and outpatient services at Lab. Additionally, we will add after school, sports and ancillary charges to the same invoice to parents.

Who is FACTS and what does FACTS cost?

FACTS/Nelnet Business Solutions is a 25-year old company serving almost 5,000 independent schools throughout the United States. You may learn more about FACTS at their website:
What is required for enrollment in FACTS?

All recipients of Baltimore Lab School services are asked to enroll with FACTS through the parent portal at this link.  
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