How do I log into the website?

Dear BLS Parents, Faculty and Staff,

To access secure information specific to your role at Lab, such as student homework and grades, private directories, forms, calendars, and more, you will need to log in with a username and password.  Please read the instructions below for further instructions.

Instructions to Log In:
BLS faculty and staff: Use the same username and password that you use to log in to the school computer network.  

BLS students
Use the same username that you use to log in to the school computer network.  

BLS parents: Use the username and password that was given to you at Orientation. If you cannot get that to work, try the following: 

  1. Click the "Logging in for the First Time? Need Help?" link under the login box in the upper left corner of this page.
  2. A box will pop up on your screen. Please follow the instructions for submitting your email in order to retrieve your username and password.  Use the email you've most recently included on school forms, or that we have in our records.
  3. Select to have your username and password sent to your email. Hit "Submit"
  4. A new pop-up box, requesting a confirmation key, will now appear on your screen. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS.
  5. Navigate to your email inbox and open a message titled "Password Request". Cut and paste the "Confirmation Key" from this email into the pop-up box on the website. It will also request that you to set a password. Passwords can be any length, and any combination of numbers and letters. 
  6. Return to your email and open a message titled "Username Request" to retrieve your username. 
  7. You can now log in to the website using the username sent in the email and the password you just set!

We hope you enjoy the website. For questions or concerns, please contact Pavel Gordiychuk during business hours. We will try to address your problem within one business day.
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