2016-2017 Health Forms

Baltimore Lab School uses SchoolDoc.com to collect and maintain student health records. SchoolDoc.com is an electronic health record system for schools which will allow our Health Services staff to consolidate and integrate student health information in a centralized and secure online format. Parents MUST fill out and upload all required health forms using SchoolDoc.com.
The security, confidentiality and privacy of your student’s personal health information will always be protected.  Only Baltimore Lab School’s Health Services staff will have access to student health information, and the SchoolDoc.com site is secure, encrypted, and password protected.
All parents/guardians receive a “Welcome E-mail” from SchoolDoc.com with information about how to create an account and complete students' health forms for the upcoming school year. Users should set the domain SchoolDoc.com as a ‘safe sender,’ to avoid accidental delivery to junk and spam folders
  • Click the link in this email to set a new password for your SchoolDoc.com account.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the health history for your student.  Alerts will appear for any missing required information.
  • Upload any required documents from your child’s physician to your SchoolDoc.com account.
  • Return to SchoolDoc.com at any time to make changes/updates to your student’s health information before school begins.
  • If you have already completed and returned paper documents for the upcoming school year, Nurse Molly will upload them to SchoolDoc.com for you and contact you if there is anything missing.  Please login to SchoolDoc.com regardless to set up your account.
If you do not have access to a computer, please call the school and we will be happy to send paper copies.  If your physician needs to fax a form or medical order directly, our fax number is 410-366-7680.
Please look at the list of 2016-2017 Health Forms (to the right).  All health forms can be completed on SchoolDoc.com.  As you complete the health history, required documents will appear for you to download. 
We know that new systems can be confusing and we appreciate your patience and participation.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Nurse Molly Watt for questions regarding required health forms, or Christina Rickman for technical help setting up and using your SchoolDoc account (410-735-0035, christina.rickman@baltimorelabschool.org). Baltimore Lab School's Health Services staff are committed to providing the best experience for you and your student.
Molly Watt, RN
School Nurse
410-735-0033 office
410-366-7680 fax

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Required Health Forms

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  • Immunization Records

    The Maryland Immunization Certificate is mandatory for all students attending a Maryland school.  A copy may be obtained from your pediatrician. 
    • Please send any immunization updates to keep student’s immunization records current. 
    • Students have up to 20 days from the start of school to show proof of vaccinations, or proof that a plan has been started to receive the missing immunizations.  If records are not provided, the student cannot attend school.
    • If your child has not received any new immunizations this year, and you believe that all immunization records are on file at school, you do not need to re-send your records.  You will be notified if they are incomplete.
  • Record of Physical Examination

    Mandatory for all students new to Maryland schools, and all students who plan to participate in after-school athletic activities. 
    • Part I: To be completed by parent or guardian
    • Part II: To be completed only by Physician/Nurse Practitioner
  • Asthma, Anaphylaxis, and Seizure Plan Forms

    • Asthma Action Plan filled out and signed by Physician/Nurse Practitioner
    • Anaphylaxis Action Plan filled out and signed by Physician/Nurse Practitioner
    • Seizure Action Plan filled out and signed by Physician/Nurse Practitioner
  • Prescription Medication Consent Form (optional)

    Must be completed if your child is to receive prescription medications during the school day and/or will have emergency medication (inhalers, EpiPens) on hand. 
    • Absolutely must be signed by ­both Parent/Guardian and Physician/Nurse Practitioner.
  • Non-Prescription/Over-the-Counter Medication Consent Form (optional)

    Must be completed if you would like your child to receive nonprescription medications, as listed on the form, during the school day.
    • Absolutely must be signed by both Parent/Guardian and Physician/Nurse Practitioner.
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