Speech-Language Therapy

Language difficulties can have a profound impact on academic success. Baltimore Lab School’s Speech-Language pathologists offer individual evaluation and treatment of language-based weaknesses commonly associated with learning disorders, such as problems with phonology and written language.

The following areas are addressed, relative to age-level:

  • Vocabulary
  • Word retrieval
  • Following directions
  • Auditory processing and listening comprehension
  • Concept knowledge
  • Sequencing and explaining ideas
  • Figurative/non-literal language
  • Grammar/syntax
  • Sentence formulation
  • Knowledge of sounds as applied to reading and spelling, sounding out skills (phonology)
  • Reading skills and reading comprehension
  • Spelling ability
  • Written language production
  • Language organization and verbal problem solving
  • Pragmatics/social use of language
  • Articulation/sound production and motor speech
  • Voice, prosody (rhythm and intonation),and fluency
Most of our clients are school-age children with language challenges that impact their academic and social functioning. We also work with adults looking to improve their workplace skills. Outpatient services are available both before and after school. In addition we offer comprehensive Speech-Language services to local public and private schools. We are also available for consultative services with other professionals.

Meet Our Speech-Language Team

List of 5 members.

  • Kara Wimert 

    Coordinator of Speech-Language Services, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Abigail Baxter 

    Speech Language Pathologist
    Towson University - B.S.
    Towson University - M.S.
  • Meghan Elgert 

    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Loyola University Maryland - M.S.
    Towson University - B.S.
  • Kasey Schroeder 

    Speech-Language Pathologist
    University of Maryland - B.S.
    University of Virginia - M.S.
  • Colleen Shelton 

    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Towson University - B.S.
    Towson University - M.S.
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