Planned Giving & Legacy Gifts

Giving, serving, and planning for the future make for good stewardship. A planned gift to Baltimore Lab School allows you to help transform the lives of our students while maximizing your financial benefit.

By making a planned gift, you ensure that Baltimore Lab School can continue to advance its mission for years to come. In addition, some planned gifts provide income during your lifetime, while others help transfer assets and reduce or eliminate tax burdens.

A few of the many planned giving arrangements include the following:

Bequests and Wills: One of the simplest and most common ways of making a planned gift is through a will or a living trust. A bequest in a will can take the form of a fixed dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of an estate, a trust, or the naming of a charitable organization such as Baltimore Lab School as a contingent beneficiary.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A charitable gift annuity is a contractual arrangement between the donor and the school. The donor transfers money or property to the school in exchange for a promise to pay an annuity to the donor and/or another named beneficiary for a specified period of time.

Charitable Life Estate Contract: Enables the donor to deed real property to Baltimore Lab School while retaining the right to reside in the property while living. You receive a tax deduction and the property may avoid estate taxes and capital gains tax. The contract must specify who pays for maintenance, taxes, insurance, and other fees on the property. Vacation property and domiciles may be used, but businesses may not.

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets: You can transfer appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares you have owned for more than one year to Baltimore Lab School.

In addition to benefiting our thriving institution, your tax-deductible donation will help us to attract significant corporate and foundation support in the year ahead. 

For more information, please contact Lauren Murphy at or 410-735-0061. 

Founded by visionary educator Sally L. Smith in 2000, Baltimore Lab School educates bright, motivated children in Grades 1-12 with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and more. Through our innovative, arts-based curriculum, our students go on to succeed in college and careers.