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Mission & Beliefs

our mission:

Baltimore Lab School is an innovative learning community fostering scholarship and creativity in students with unique strengths and diverse learning needs. In an environment of inquiry, hands-on exploration, and the arts, Baltimore Lab School students learn to advocate for themselves as they become engaged and compassionate members of a global society. 

We Believe:

All children possess unique strengths, can learn, and must develop the ability to self-advocate.

Enthusiastic and creative staff must be supported to grow professionally by seeking out non-traditional, evidence-based teaching methods that best meet the needs of diverse learners. 

The arts can be a vehicle for organizing the learning process, combining multi-sensory instruction, and experiential learning for students with learning disabilities. 

Student success requires a safe and structured environment, founded on kindness, compassion, and the celebration of differences.


1.  A critical thinker, problem solver, and communicator prepared to face the challenges of college life or workplace.

2.  A responsible self-advocate who knows and employs individual strategies for success in college and/or career.

3.  An engaged and compassionate global citizen who appreciates and respects the differences in others.

4.  A lifelong learner who continues to seek new opportunities to grow.

Baltimore Lab School's logo, featuring our iconic portico with arched columns, represents four pillars of our beliefs.

At Baltimore Lab School, we are rooted in F.I.R.E.:  Fellowship, Innovation, Rigor, and Enlightenment.

In our historic castle-like building, we inspire our FIRE breathing dragons.