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Tuition & Financial Aid

Determining if Baltimore Lab School fits into your family’s financial plans is an important step of the application and enrollment process. We’re here to help. If you have questions about Baltimore Lab School’s tuition and fees, or if you’d like to discuss payment options, please contact Kelly Keesler, Director of Admissions.


Non-refundable Application Fee: $60


Baltimore Lab School's 2024-2025 tuition includes academics, most athletics, and integrated services:
  • Lower School - $44,450
  • Middle School- $49,210
  • High School- $49,750

Tuition costs listed above include a non-refundable $2,000 enrollment deposit. Additional fees are required to receive individual and small-group clinical-related services. For more information, please contact the related services departments directly.

PAYMENT OPTIONS for the 2024-2025 SY
Tuition may be paid in full for a 1% tuition discount or paid in installments through the school's online payment processing portal, FACTS. 
Baltimore Lab School offers several options to pay for tuition:
  • One payment in full, less a 1% discount by May 31, 2024 (made directly to the School)
  • One payment in full, less a 1% discount by May 31, 2024 (made through FACTS)
  • Three equal payments in May 2024, August 2024, and November 2024 (made through FACTS)
  • Ten equal monthly payments commencing June 2024 (made through FACTS)
  • Twelve equal monthly payments commencing April 2024 (made through FACTS)

Parents who opt not to pay tuition in full must select a FACTS payment plan. Baltimore Lab School will not accept checks mailed to the school on a monthly or ad hoc basis. The non-refundable enrollment deposit of $2,000, which is applied to the total cost of tuition, is due along with the submission of your Enrollment Packet as part of your tuition agreement with BLS.


Payment Options for Services & Other Fees

Payments for related services, tutoring, after-school, transportation, sports, and ancillary charges are made through the School’s online payment processing portal FACTS.

By the 10th of each month, the financially responsible party will receive an email notifying them that a new invoice has been posted to their account through the online payment processing system for all services provided to the student in the prior month. The financially responsible party may access the invoice by logging into the FACTS Family Portal.

Once you have reviewed the invoice, you may pay immediately or schedule payment for the due date. Alternatively, you may instruct the payment processing system to automatically pay all future invoices on their respective due dates.


Families should be aware that under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act there is a process in every public school jurisdiction for determining a child's eligibility for special education services. If it is determined that an appropriate education cannot be provided within the public school system, a child may be entitled to placement by that system through their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Baltimore Lab School is a nonpublic special education school approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and services students from numerous different local school systems. BLS is approved to serve students with the educational disability codes of Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Other Health Impaired (OHI), and Multiple Disabilities (where at least one listed disability is SLD or OHI).  We may also accept students who fall outside of those disability codes if they meet all other admissions criteria. 


Baltimore Lab School provides need-based financial assistance for new and returning families. Taxes and financial aid applications are due to FACTS by March 30, 2024, for new and returning families. Families will be notified of financial aid decisions in early April. Please click here to access the financial aid application for the 2023-2024 school year.

In order for Baltimore Lab School to allocate our limited resources wisely and fairly, Baltimore Lab School will use the FACTS Grant & Aid tool. FACTS does not decide whether financial aid will be given or how much to give; rather, FACTS provides a need-based financial aid analysis service. All information from FACTS is kept confidential. Applications are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee, which recommends to the Head of School the allocation of financial aid resources for the coming school year. Upon approval by the Head of School, financial aid offers are sent to families.


The FACTS application is available only electronically and must be completed online.  You will be asked to create an account as a first-time user. Space is also provided to fill out additional information that may be pertinent to your application.

While the availability of school resources, the number of qualified applicants, and overall budgetary constraints influence financial aid decisions, Baltimore Lab School is committed to making aid available to as many eligible applicants as possible.

In an effort to make this process fair to all, Baltimore Lab School considers the following when making aid decisions:
  • The primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with the family.
  • Both parents are expected to contribute to tuition. If a parent chooses not to work, Baltimore Lab School imputes an annual income for a non-working parent.
  • In the case of divorce or separation, Baltimore Lab School requires both parents to file an application for financial aid. Baltimore Lab School is not bound by any divorce agreement specifying a parent’s responsibility for educational expenses.