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Life After Lab

An important goal of our High School program is to prepare our students for life after Lab. The process of clarifying strengths and interests, identifying college and career choices, and planning a strategy to fulfill aspirations begins as early as 9th grade. 

Our experienced Director of College and Career Counseling provides tremendous support to students and families throughout the process, partnering with you to identify a range of options well-suited for your child. We help every student select the High School classes that best prepare them for the course they’ve charted and we counsel students as they begin to write their college essays, personal statements, and application materials. Role-playing with counselors helps prepare students for college and job interviews and strengthens their self-advocacy skills. Preparation for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT standardized tests is an important facet of our college counseling process; BLS also serves as a test center for each of these tests.

Baltimore Lab School is proud of the extraordinary young adults who have graduated from our school. Most of our students continue on to college – more than the average number for students with learning disabilities. Others have chosen to launch their careers in a range of interesting and rewarding professions.


…the list continues to grow since our first senior graduation in 2008!



Joseph DiBello  
Director of College & Career Counseling